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TouchSense® Haptic (Tactile) Feedback Technology

Immersion technology enables precise control of device actuators to create rich and meaningful haptic effects, and our TouchSense® solutions are optimized for specific underlying actuators and applications.  Understanding that user experience results from a confluence of software and enabling hardware, Immersion takes a system-level approach in developing its TouchSense embedded software solutions.    As designers increasingly look to touchscreens as the primary user interface, haptics provide critical touch feedback that enhances the design and usability.  Immersion haptics provide a number of benefits to designers and their customers:

  • Create a Compelling & Differentiated User Experience: Haptics give designers the opportunity to brand user experience by creating a distinguished “feel” to their UI.  By incorporating haptics into UI, thoughtful designers can create compelling user experiences that differentiate products in the market and engage users.
  • Flexible Design: Immersion’s licensing model offers customers great flexibility in integrating haptics into designs.  Customers can work directly with Immersion, or can work with one of Immersion’s ecosystem partners, such as semiconductor vendors, technology partners, and system integrators, to determine the best solution.
  • Easy to Integrate: Immersion takes a system-level approach to haptics effect design, understanding that success is the result of three critical components: 1.) a well designed sub-system, 2.) embedded control software to optimize effects, and 3.) tight integration of effects with the UI and applications.  Immersion has developed a number of tools to assist designers, including:
    • Integration and Design Guides (Electrical & Mechanical)
    • Test and Development Kits
    • Design Tools
    • Haptics Effects Libraries
    • Open APIs for the integration of haptics effects into software
  • Proven Technology: Immersion’s cost-effective technology is easy to integrate and has compelling user benefits, resulting in widespread adoption in hundreds of millions of devices worldwide across an array of markets.  Immersion haptics can be found today in mobile phones, tablets, portable gaming devices, automotive systems, console and PC gaming controllers, consumer devices, medical devices and touchscreen kiosks.  Proliferation in many markets and products make it a reliable technology for OEMs, and a familiar technology to consumers.
  • Established Robust Ecosystem: As the proven leader in haptics, Immersion has lead the development of a robust ecosystem available to our customers including:

Immersion has a number of solutions available to meet the requirements of today’s most popular consumer and commercial applications which are listed below.

  • TouchSense 1000: >7” touchscreens, Panels and Surfaces for Industrial & Commercial Applications
  • TouchSense 2000: <7” touchscreens, Panels and surfaces for Mass Market Applications
  • TouchSense 3000: Single actuator motor touchscreen interfaces for Mobile Devices
  • TouchSense 4000: Multi-actuator motor support for touchscreen Mobile Devices
  • TouchSense 5000: High fidelity actuators touchscreen Mobile Devices

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